Waste Vehicle Compactor Driver Training for existing drivers

Category : Operational and Vocational training
  • Course Duration2 days
  • Course Start---
  • Instructor---


Vocational training is one of the cornerstones of the IEMS, it prides itself in being able to provide vocational training at every level to help enhance the skills of the workforce and reduce risk and health issues to both employee and community..

Improve the driving & operating skills of existing Waste Vehicle compactor drivers and to bring about change in the attitudes of the drivers. This course benefits professional drivers of Waste Management vehicles enhancing them with new skills and behaviour with an emphasis in reducing the risks associated with driving.

  • Bring about change, approaches and attitudes of the drivers towards work and help to reduce the number of accidents and potential risk associated the numerous types and volumes of waste.
  • Drivers will understand the main causes of fatalities and injuries in the solid waste industry and how to prevent them.
  • Improve the technical knowledge of the drivers to operate the various mechanisms of the vehicle correctly.
  • This training programme will help drivers improve their knowledge, understanding and driving behaviour which in turn will help avoid high risk and potential harm to drivers and other road users
  • One of the main learning outcomes is to help the drivers become more aware of potential hazards, risks & conflicts involved whilst driving waste management vehicles.
  • This training programme will help drivers to improve the technical knowledge through safe operating procedures of compactor trucks; this in turn helps to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Finally, this programme will engage drivers and encourage them all to reduce risks and accidents by changing their attitudes and approaches to the daily routine resulting in higher levels of productivity and reputation.


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