Specialist Equipment Driver Training including sweepers and washers and plant

Category : Operational and Vocational training
  • Course Duration2 days
  • Course Start---
  • Instructor---


Vocational training is one of the cornerstones of the IEMS, it prides itself in being able to provide vocational training at every level to help enhance the skills of the workforce and reduce risk and health issues to both employee and community.

The aim of this programme is to help refresh the skills and knowledge gained from the initial vehicle manufacturer orientation.

  • Knowing the machine, the learner will be orientated further in understanding the various working components
  • Pre and post vehicle checking, this will include sessions in and around what needs to be checked before and after. The session will use materials such as check sheets and practical walk around the vehicle checks.
  • Health and Safety, a key component for all vehicles, we provide knowledge and examples of good and bad Health and Safety practices including the use of PPE.
  • Safe Operating Procedures, this provides the operator with a systematic insight to the do and do nots of operating with safety always in mind.
  • Maintenance, daily and weekly maintenance activities that form a crucial part to checking whether the vehicle is fit for use.
  • Those attending this programme will have gained an insight to operating the equipment safely, which includes how to check, and report issues relating to maintenance and understand how to overcome simple operational problems when operating the equipment


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