IT Security Awareness Program

Category : Digitalization & Cyber Security
  • Course Duration40 minutes
  • Course Start---
  • Instructor---

The aim of this program is to help learners review key areas of IT Security threats within business context, how to identify them and circumvent them in time.

  • Understand the role and contribution of the senior management in the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of information security in the entity.
  • Explaining Information Security Risk Management.
  • Identifying phishing scam cases, types of IT security breaches and how to circumvent/report them.
  • Identify information security compliance policies and demands regarding sharing, storing and distribution of organization data.
  • Ensure acceptable use of assets by end users and information assets are classified and labelled.
  • Identify and enforce data retention requirements for digital & physical information, control/limit removable media access and shall take appropriate measures to secure data/information.
  • Explaining Threats and risks in physical environment and leaving unattended assets in a public space.
  • Identifying Ransomware situation and Information Security Incident Management protocol.
  • Upon completion learners will be able to understand their roles and responsibility regards Information Security, types of breaches and appropriate action to deal with IT security compromise situation.


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