Challenges Impacting Information Privacy

Category : Knowledge Management
  • Course Duration30 minutes
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In this program the learner will understand the challenges that impact information privacy, threats to data security and protection of corporate information from global reach and competitive advantage.

  • Defining the concept of information security and identifying the role of Technology in Information Security
  • Determine the Challenges in Protecting Institutional data and Personal Identification Information (PII)
  • Explain what does breach of information privacy cases appear.
  • Identify the threats to Information Technology Privacy at individual & corporate level.
  • Role of employees in Information security and privacy.
  • Right approach and best practices to handle / avoid Information Security.
  • Upon Completion our learners will understand the impact of technological advancement in increasing potential threats to information security and privacy. Our learners will be able to distinguish between different types of threats and how to circumvent them.


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